Even in the depths of winter (22nd January) the work goes on
and no, he is mot a West Ham supporter

Green management team looking concerned

or are they just late for tea!!

This person was found in the loft

Guess Who?

Hard at work, preparing for the new Sprinkler System

Darth Vadar visits Bowling Club, aka, work on the new sprinkler system

Evolution of the Bowler

The Great Chainsaw Hedge Massacre

Starring 'Bob' with his very own chain saw

Volunteers will be welcomed to clear away the debris,

alas, only Monday Work Party willing

8th Journey to the tip

A very Nonchalant Tea Boy

What a Glorious Day for Monday October 22nd

Our Fearless Match Secretary up on the roof, cleaning off the Canopy

Tidying out the Equipment Store. One of out Team Captains getting down and dirty

New Toilets being installed, for the convenience of us all!

After a hard season, a bench needing some TLC

Possibly one of the longest jobs in history, in the final stretch

The newly proposed (looking confused) assistant Green Keeper

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